UTM Parameters and Tracking with Jebbit


There are several ways to track track where your viewers are coming from so you can uncover valuable insights about your audiences and plan for future launches. This article is a brief overview of some tracking tools available to you through Jebbit!


Pixels: Adding pixels to your Jebbit experiences will allow you to track views, completions, and leads on each screen. Tracking pixel events also allows you to create segments based on consumer responses, which will help you with retargeting efforts.

Check out these articles to learn how to add GTM, Facebook and Neustar pixels directly to your Jebbit experiences using the menu options in the builder map.

If you need to add other types of pixels to your Jebbit experiences then check out this article for the next steps!

Launch Links: Jebbit gives you the ability to create as many launch links as you need for a single experience.

Taking full advantage of this feature will allow you to track performance and traffic across different channels via Channel Analytics.

Check out this article to learn how to quickly set up launch links!

UTM Parameters: Adding UTM parameters to your Jebbit launch links is another way that you can track where traffic to your Jebbit experiences is coming from.

Here’s an example of a launch link that’s been appended with UTM parameters:


You have full flexibility to append custom UTM parameters to your urls, but keep in mind that additional parameters are manually appended to a url after you copy the base url out of the Jebbit platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of pixels can I add to my Jebbit experiences?

A: Our Vendor Pixel Tool allows you to add the following pixels on your own: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook, and Neustar. But you can reach out to the Support team if you work with a different pixel tool. We support adding pixels outside of what's supported with our Vendor Pixel Tool through our custom request process.

Q: Is there anything else that I need to do once I add my own UTM parameters to a Jebbit launch link?
A: If you choose to add additional tracking parameters to your Jebbit launch URLs then you will want to take advantage of these two features within Jebbit:

  1. Make sure ‘Forward URL Params’ is turned on when you set up a redirect URL to ensure the UTM parameters that you add to your launch links also append to the external page that users traffic when they are done with your experience.

  1. Check off ‘Include URL Params’ every time you export response data from the platform because this is how you will be able to see your custom UTM parameters attributed to each user session.

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