Meta (Facebook) Self-Serve Pixel UI


You can easily add your Meta (Facebook) pixels to any Jebbit experience directly from the user interface.

There are a couple of benefits for adding pixels to your Jebbit experiences! Adding pixels will allow you to track views, completions and leads on each screen. Tracking pixel events also allows you to create segments based on consumer responses, which will help you with retargeting efforts!

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Within the Builder Map you can 'Add Vendor Pixels' from the "More" dropdown, or you can add it one screen at a time on an individual screen level by clicking on the blue three-dot menu of the screen.

  1. Copy and paste your Meta initialization script into the text box under the Facebook tab. You need to ensure the pixel ID is included and validated by the platform.

  1. Once you paste your JavaScript tag into the large text box, you can define your events. The Meta pixel workflow lets you define events on each individual screen or fire an event across all screens. You can easily view all your events by expanding the table all at once at the top of the modal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Meta's conversion API?

A: You are able to pass your events from Jebbit to Meta's conversion API. All you need to do is provide your Jebbit rep your Meta access token to connect to the conversion API. Whether you pass the events from Jebbit to the Meta conversion API or not, the set up will still be the same.

Q: What is the difference between a Standard Event and a Custom Event?

A: There are three types of standard events which we can pass to Meta which are easily selectable from the dropdown. Standard Events fire 'On Load', and Custom Events can fire 'On Load' or 'On Response.' Custom Events are typically used to segment your users based on the responses they submit. These would be setup as 'On Response' events. All you need to do is add the value you want to pass for each button click.

Q: How do I test my data?

A: Once your pixels are all set up, you can load your preview link into your Chrome browser to ensure the pixels are firing properly.

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