What Can You Build with Jebbit?


Jebbit has several core experience types for interacting and engaging with your audience. They can all be found within our Template Gallery! This article will review some of our most common use cases to date, but there are countless ways that you can use Jebbit to engage with your audience. If you have a use case that you don't see listed here, reach out to our team to talk it through so we can provide recommendations!


Product Match Quiz

  • Product matches offer consumers personalized, real-time recommendations based on the answers they give you. These experiences act as a personal shopper that unearths the "why" behind the "buy."

Personality Quiz

  • Use personality quizzes to teach audiences about themselves with fun and playful outcomes. Better understand consumer preferences on topics that might not be core to your brand but might be helpful in painting a full picture of their interests.

Standard Survey

  • Jebbit surveys are the most engaging surveys you've ever experienced. With dynamic questioning and a fully-branded look, you'll have beautiful, high-performing surveys in front of your audience in no time.


  • Use lookbooks to to turn traditional catalogs into beautiful digital flip books that show off your collections, gift ideas, and more. Then, drive consumers to specific pages on your site based on their preferences.

Interactive Editorial

  • Interactive editorials add another dimension to educational or informational content. Add photos or videos, take users down a linear path, or let them choose their own adventure!

Voting/Live Polling

  • Live Polling is a simple concept that generates incredible results. Use live polling to create contests & sweepstakes, gather opinions & insights, or empower consumers to voice their opinions.

Trivia/Knowledge Test

  • Use trivia and knowledge tests to spark people's competitive nature, exchange contact info for results, or build brand awareness as results are shared across social media.

Landing Page/Lead Form

  • Landing pages are a marketing workhorse, but sorting out technical requirements often slows you down your path to marketing excellence. Jebbit allows you to create simple, beautiful landing pages in a matter of minutes. No need for coding or IT.

Onsite Companion

  • Companion is a chatbot-like widget that can be placed on your website. It is an engagement tool designed to capture a user's attention and call out a specific action you want that user to take. Jebbit Companion can be used to gain survey data, give exclusive offers, help users navigate your site, or call attention to something special that's happening!


  • Lightbox is a popup unit that can be launched on your site. It allows you take any Jebbit experience you create and launch it via a popup.

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