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Jebbit makes building and launching engaging consumer experiences quick and easy. You don’t need any coding skills and you can launch a Jebbit experience anywhere you can paste a URL!

If you’ve just built out your first experience in the Jebbit platform, keep reading to learn about the benefits of sharing your Jebbit experiences across all of your social channels!

Posting Jebbit experiences on your social channels drives traffic to your site!

Product match quizzes, in particular, are great for this! They tend to be super engaging because they provide your audience with immediate value (a product match based on preferences). You can use product match quizzes to link customers back to your site where they can shop items relevant to their interests. Posting your product match quiz on social will allow you to engage a wider audience which in turn gets more users to your site.

Check out this guide to learn how to use redirect URLs to drive traffic to your site.

Jebbit experiences work for organic and paid on any social channel!

Anywhere you can paste a link, you can launch a Jebbit experience! Just be sure to keep the following best practices in mind, no matter which social channel you post on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc):

  • Copy: Call out the type of content (e.g. personality quiz, product match, lookbook, etc) the user is going to click into.

  • Incentive/Value: Always call out the value the user will get by taking the experience, even if it’s not monetary.

  • Imagery: Strong imagery goes a long way. Make sure it’s engaging and relevant to the experience.

  • Optimization: We recommend optimizing for volume and engagements to maximize the number of users going into the experience. Given the engaging nature of Jebbit experiences, we often see that optimizing for engagements leads to stronger downstream metrics (engagements, completions, and lead capture). It is always worth testing tactics to see what works best for your audience.

Posting on social will help you capture more leads and better data on your audience!

People are spending tons of time on social media and our attention is constantly shifting. Capitalize on the engaging nature of Jebbit experiences and be sure to incorporate lead capture screens and questions that capture key data points into all of your Jebbit experiences!

Check out this guide to learn how to add a lead capture screen to any Jebbit experience.

You can customize the look and feel of your social posts to drive more engagement!

Check out this guide to learn how to update the Social Post Customization on your Jebbit experiences.

There you have it! There are tons of great reasons why you should launch your Jebbit experiences on all of your social channels. Hop back into the platform and get your next Jebbit experience ready to launch on social today!

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