Capturing Leads with Jebbit Experiences


If your goal is to use Jebbit experiences to capture more leads, then look no further! This article is a Frequently Asked Questions guide to walk you through everything you need to know about capturing leads with Jebbit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I place a lead capture screen?

A: In general, it’s best to place lead capture screens toward the end of your Jebbit experiences. By default, Jebbit will count the screen right before the lead capture screen as the ‘completion’ point for your experience. Read more about completion points here!

Placing your lead capture screen toward the end of your experience does more than help with completion metrics too. Because Jebbit experiences are engaging in nature, they’re a great way to generate leads!

If you’re launching a product match quiz, for example, place the lead capture screen right before the product reveal screen. Consumers are encouraged to share their information because you have something valuable to offer in return (a relevant product match!) See the screenshot below for an example of this:

Q: What should I include on a lead capture screen?

A: It’s a good idea to at least collect emails and opt-ins on a lead capture screen, but you have the flexibility and control to design lead capture screens to accomplish your retargeting strategies.

If you’re unsure about how much or how little to include on a lead capture screen, run some tests! Here is a guide on how to set an AB Test up.

Q: How should I optimize the lead screen for mobile?

A: In general, it's best to make sure that content for mobile users is above the fold to reduce the need for scrolling. Often using a full screen layout for a lead capture screen on mobile is ideal because you can fit more text inputs and opt-in language above the fold this way.

Another consideration when building a lead capture screen for mobile users is font size. For example, iOS iPhone devices have a built in mechanism that zooms in on inputs with small font-size. That basically means when a user goes to enter their email on your lead form, the screen will zoom in for them if the font is detected as too small. Then, users will have to zoom back out to see the full content of the page again. Setting the form labels to about 19px font helps to avoid this.

Q: How do I allow users to bypass a lead capture screen?

A: If you want to give users an option to skip your lead capture screen, all you have to do is add an additional button to the lead capture screen. Give the button a clear call-to-action that will let users know they can skip the lead capture screen if they want to.

Q: Can I auto-populate a user's lead form if they take my quiz a second time?
A: Watch this video to see how you can auto-populate a users information on a lead form the second time that they take your quiz

Q: How can I follow up with the leads I’m collecting?

A: You can either export lead details from Jebbit manually, or look into setting up an Integration or a Scheduled Report to receive leads and new subscriber details in real time!

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