Creating an Experience: Several Ways to Begin


There are several ways to started building experiences in Jebbit. Typically, you'll want to create your Style Guide first. Once you do that, check out the options you have below for kicking off the building process!


  1. Pre-made Template: Choosing a template will start your build with a series of pre-populated screens. Jebbit Templates are categorized by use case so if you have one in mind, this is a quick way to get started. You can apply your Style Guide onto a Jebbit Template to save even more time.

  2. Start from Scratch: The Start from Scratch option is found within the Template Gallery, in the upper left corner. Instructions for starting form scratch can be found here. You should start from scratch when you want to choose each individual screen type that is added to your experience from our library (image button screens, multiple choice screens, slider screens, etc).

  3. Copy an Experience: You can copy any existing experience and use that as a starting point for a new experience. This can be a tremendous time saver if you are launching a piece of content that is similar to something you’ve already built! 

  1. “Templatize” an Experience: You can turn any experience that you’ve built into a template. Templatizing an experience is very similar to simply copying an experience but has the added bonus of saving the Template to your Template Gallery. This allows you to use your custom Template over and over, which is especially helpful for brands that launch new but similar experiences daily, weekly, and monthly!

  1. AI Assist: Jebbit's AI Assist is a snappy way to start an experience with AI powered questions and responses! With this tool, Jebbit will create an experience for you based on the prompts and guidelines that your team provides.

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