Form Field Outcome Support


This article will walk you through the process for incorporating form responses in your Outcome Logic!

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Step by Step Guide

  1. Any time that you add a screen with form fields on it, you can navigate to the Outcome Logic menu and see the option to weight form field responses toward different Outcomes.

  2. Weighting form field responses enables your brand to better control which personalized recommendations consumers receive based on the answers they provide.

  1. Jebbit supports the following form field inputs in Outcomes Logic:

    • Select-all-that-apply

    • Drop-downs

    • Checkboxes

    • Sliders

    • Question matrixes

    • Form inputs

  2. You will customize form field inputs in Outcome Logic using the 'Exact Match' and 'Contains' controls. These allow you to assign points toward certain product or content recommendations based on whether a consumer's response exactly matches or contains words that you assign on the Outcome Logic page.

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