Publishing your Experience


The Publish tool in Jebbit turns your current draft into a formal version of your experience that you can share with your audience. Keep reading to learn more about this feature.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Before you publish, you can preview your experience to see how the finished product will look. In the top right-hand corner of the builder map, you will see a button titled “Preview.” Click on the button to open up a new tab that will show a desktop and mobile preview of your experience. Additionally, there will be a QR code in your desktop preview that you can scan with your smartphone to view a mobile preview as well.

  2. To see how your experience will look on devices with different screen sizes, use the "Select Another Device" dropdown on the mobile preview page.

  1. Once you are ready to save that version of the experience, click on the "Publish" tab and follow the prompts. Once published, it will create a record of the Experience at that point in time and set the version of the Experience that your launch links drive traffic toward.  

  2. After publishing the first version, you can make further edits to your experience on a new draft, but the Experience will stay the same for consumers using the launch links. If you make changes that you would like to push to customers, click "Publish" again to create a new version. This will push all your changes live and now they will be visible to consumers that click your launch links. 

  3. On the Question Analytics page, you can compare your different published versions, or iterations, to see how the content changes affect the Experience's performance. While you can name your versions any way you like, the best practice is to have some kind of date, number or to describe changes made (such as "first screen removed").

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I republish an older version of my campaign?
A: Yes, follow this guide to republish an older version of your quiz.

Q: I can't find the iterations dropdown! What should I do?

A: If you do not see the dropdown pictured in the screenshot in your builder map, then reach out to our Support team using the in-platform chat or emailing! You may just need one of our team members to update your permissions for you.

Q. When can I publish the experience?

A. You can publish the quiz without having to generate a launch link to share with the public. Since publishing saves a version of the experience, we recommend to publish the experience when you have designed at least 50% of your quiz.

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