Campaign Status Glossary


This article provides definitions for each campaign status within the Jebbit platform. The status of a campaign can be viewed from the Workbench or Experience Analytics menu. You can also hover over statuses to review definitions to better understand what each status means.


  • Active: If a campaign has reached more than 25 views in the past 24 hours

  • Inactive: If a campaign has less than 25 views in the past 24 hours

  • Inactive (disabled): If a campaign was deactivated the launch link will redirect to the default redirect link within Settings. A campaign may become deactivated by hitting contractual caps, or you may decide to manually disable a campaign from the 3 dot menu in the workbench.

  • In-Design: When you start building a campaign and have not published yet

  • Testing: When a campaign has been published and has received some traffic, but has not yet hit the threshhold to become 'Active'

  • Launched: The date a campaign first went 'Active' (reached 25 views within a 24 hour period)

  • Last Active: The last date a campaign was 'Active' (reached 25 views within a 24 hour period).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my experience still work even if the status is 'Inactive?'

A: Campaign statuses are meant to give you a sense of the volume of traffic on each of your campaigns. When a campaign is 'Inactive' it just means that the volume of traffic is low. The status will change to 'Active' automatically once your campaign sees 25 or more view in a 24 hour period. Campaigns will still work properly regardless of the campaign status, so long as you have launched properly.

Q: How can I disable a campaign?

A: At any given point you can disable a campaign within the Workbench by clicking on the three dot menu that appears when you hover your mouse over an experience icon. You may want to disable a campaign if your experience contract limit was reached and you want to create space for another experience.

Q: It looks like my experience has been disabled automatically.

A: An experience can also become disabled if the engagement cap limit was reached.

Q: What happens to traffic on a launch url for a campaign that is disabled?

A: If a campaign becomes disabled, the launch link will redirect to the a page letting the user know that the campaign is not available. You do in fact have access to change your default redirect URL if you choose. Please reach out to to take care of this for you.

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