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If you have a custom integration setup with Jebbit, there may be cases where you need to pass unique fields into your system of record for each campaign. For example, you may want data for a certain geography to be passed to the right place in your internal system, and the way to do that is to flag your Jebbit campaign with the proper country code. Custom Fields is the right solution to accomplish this.

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Step by Step Guide

  1. First, to take advantage of custom fields, you will first need an integration setup with Jebbit through our integrations team. As part of the setup, the integration will be configured to look for the custom fields. It is imperative that you work through the initial setup with your Solutions Engineering contact to ensure everything is connecting correctly. If you are not sure who that is, you can email for help!

  2. After the initial setup with the Jebbit team, the remainder of your campaign setup can be accomplished in a self-serve manner in the Jebbit platform.

  3. To set up your custom fields go to the Settings page and click Custom Fields.

  1. By creating a custom field you are essentially setting up key-value pairs which will be passed with every user session to your platform we are integrated with. By setting it up under Settings, the custom field options will be made available on all your campaigns (more on that later).

  2. It is not required to set up values for every field you create. You will want to add values if the same ones will be used across campaigns. If you predefine them on the settings page, they will appear within a dropdown when setting up your campaign.

  1. You have the option to obfuscate values. Once they are initially saved the user will not be able to read the full string within the UI. This will typically be used for sensitive information such as an access token or API key.

  2. If there are certain key-value pairs that need to be sent automatically on every single campaign, you can select the 'Send custom field values to all campaigns' checkbox above. This will save you the step of having to remember that field while setting up all your campaigns.

  3. In the Builder Map, click on the 'More' option from the toolbar in the upper right, and locate the 'Custom Fields' option from the menu. This will allow you to tie Custom Field(s) to individual campaigns.

  1. All the fields you set up under Settings will appear in this campaign modal. You will also notice you can create a new custom field if you choose to do so.

  2. If there are certain Values which will differ by campaign then you may not want to predefine those on the Settings level. In those cases the field would appear in this modal and you would just enter the value here.

  1. Once everything is set up and saved for a campaign, the fields will be passed into your integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't see the option to set up Custom Fields within my account.

A: Users need to have Admin permission in order to manage Custom Fields in Jebbit. Reach out to your Custom Success Representative if you need help with your user permissions.

Q: I've set up Custom Fields but I don't see them included in user sessions yet.

A: Setting up Custom Fields is not fully self-serve. The Jebbit team will need to help you out to get the process started. If you are not seeing Custom Fields included in user sessions yet then you may need our team to set something up for you first. Reach out to for more assistance with this!

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