Pulling in Products from Shopify


If you are a Shopify merchant that downloaded the Jebbit app you are eligible to take advantage of our integration with Shopify. The Shopify integration is geared towards eCommerce companies looking to build product quizzes which typically result in a personalized set of product recommendations. With the Shopify integration you can pull products directly from your store into your experiences directly from the Jebbit self-serve interface and let the user add products directly to their cart.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. First and foremost, you need to ensure that you have downloaded the Jebbit app through the Shopify App Store. If you need help with this step contact our Support Team at support@jebbit.com.

  2. Once your Jebbit account is integrated with Shopify, you can begin to pull in Products from Shopify as Outcomes and Products in Jebbit. Navigate to the Standard Outcomes menu to start the process.

  3. Within the Add Outcomes page there is an 'Import from Shopify' button in the top right corner. You will use this to search, filter, sort and bulk select any Products you'd like to pull into Jebbit from your Shopify store. Each Product will create one unique Outcome.

  1. To add multiple Products within each Outcome, click 'Add Products to this Outcome' and then select 'Add from Shopify.'

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for updates to Products in Shopify to reflect in Jebbit?

A: The Shopify product list in Jebbit typically updates once a day. But there's a refresh button that you can use if you need to:

Q: I'm not seeing the Outcomes and Products that I've set up reflected in my quiz.

A: Make sure that you are using the correct Outcome Container elements. To showcase the Products within each Outcome, you need to use the 'Products' Container. To showcase the main Outcome, you will need to use the Outcome Image, Header, and Description elements.

Q: How do I add a 'Shop Now' button to the main Outcome?

A: You will notice that the Products Container comes with a button for each Product by default. However, you will need to add a regular button to your screen and then set up a redirect URL that routes to the Outcome URL to add a button like this to a single Outcome.

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