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Jebbit’s AI Product Assistant is a way to improve the relevance of your product recommendations by matching users to the most relevant products based on how users answer questions. The Product Assistant can take care of all your mapping for you if you so choose; you can also provide some logic mapping and let the AI fill in the rest. It has never been easier to elevate your product match experiences with Jebbit!

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to your quiz’s Product Feed Mapping page 

  2. Select the feed that you will be using to serve recommendations 

  3. Jebbit will validate that the feed you’ve chosen provides descriptive product details and aligns with the questions in your experience. For example, if you are running a candle match experience, we will make sure your feed features candle products and descriptive columns like “scent” for which values might be “floral, citrus, earthy.”

  4. If your feed passes the validation step, AI Product Assistant is enabled automatically on the next step

  1. If your feed does not pass validation, AI Product Assistant will not be enabled, so you need to manually map your fields.

  2. You can choose to map the most important fields from your feed to their relevant responses to ensure the recommendations are more accurate, or you can skip this step and allow the AI Assistant to handle everything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to map fields to relevant responses or will AI Assist handle that for me?
A: AI Assist will technically work without mapping fields to relevant responses and always try to serve the best products to your end users, but we recommend that you still map the most important fields to ensure more accurate recommendations.

For example, if scent preferences are a major differentiator for which candles will be served as matches, then map the custom fields for scent to the question in your quiz that asks about scent preferences. The AI can fill in the rest!

Q: If I choose to manually map the most important fields on top of the AI Assist tool, how will Jebbit support that logic?
A: If you map your product feed manually, we will always honor the fields you mapped before the AI chooses your products from the feed. Once your manual mappings are applied and the results are filtered down, the AI will choose the best products to display from the leftover results.

Q: Can I use Exact Match logic with the AI Assist tool? 

A: If you use Exact match and there are fewer results after filtering than slots to fill, the AI will not kick in. The AI will be leveraged when there are more matches than slots.

Q: How can I test that the AI Assist tool is working?
A: As long as you've mapped at least one field, you can use the
Dynamic Product Feed Tester. This tool allows you to see real-time product recommendations as you navigate through the experience.

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