Best Practices: Optimizations


The Jebbit platform is pretty versatile and nimble. You can easily make real-time updates to the live experience and publish new iteration to see the changes taking effect in the live experience.

Here are a few common problems & our recommendations for optimizing on the fly:

Seeing low engagement on your intro screen?

Create an A/B split traffic test to see if users will engage with the first question.

Want to increase engagement rates?

Clearly call out type of content, any incentive, and how the user can access the experience (e.g. “link in bio” or “learn more” if it’s a paid post)

Response rate on a screen dips below the average response rate?

This calls for optimization of the screen. Consider changing the copy and call to action so as to encourage users to participate.

Drop-offs leading to lesser completions?

Consider shortening the length of the experience (we recommend four to six screens), adjust the copy on either the lead screen or intro to show the user the value exchange offered in the experience.

If users are dropping off due to a Lead Capture screen, add a “Skip CTA” to allow users to complete.

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