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The Report Center is an excellent tool to automate your Jebbit reports to a set of email addresses or an SFTP endpoint.

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Step by Step Guide

The Report Center has a number of customizations to get you the data you need. Here's how to get started.

  1. Name your report so you can easily locate your reports within the Jebbit platform.

  2. Select the report you would like to automate and where you would like the data sent to: an SFTP or a set of email addresses.

  1. Select which campaigns you would like to include in the report. With the Attribute export, we will send all campaigns by default in the same file. With the Campaign export, each campaign will create a unique file (so be careful with how many campaigns you select).

  2. Customize the columns and format of each report

  3. Specify whether you will be passing data from the EU and outside the EU (for GDPR purposes)

  4. Specify how often and what time of the day the reports should be scheduled. You can decide between hourly, daily, a set day of the week, or every X number days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the data send retroactively?

A: The data does not send retroactively. If you schedule a weekly report to send on Wednesdays, then on the next Wednesday you will receive the seven previous days worth of data.

Q: Which reports can you set up an automated schedule for?

A: You can export 4 types of reports using the Report Center.

  1. Performance Report

  2. The Event Level Attribute report

  3. The Event Level Question report

  4. Email Leads as they come in

Q: Can I receive Lead Capture details in real time with Jebbit?

A: If you are a brand which wants to be notified every time a lead is collected, you can seamlessly set this up by selecting 'Email Leads as they come in'. This will send you the lead information with all the attributes collected on that user.

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