Custom Domains


Jebbit allows you to apply a custom domain to your account so you can launch your experiences on your own domain, as opposed to Jebbit's!

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. To get started, you must ensure that you own the domain and subdomain that you will be requesting to apply to your Jebbit account. Jebbit is not going to purchase the domain on your behalf.

  2. You also need to ensure there is a DNS record tied to the subdomain that you request, otherwise, Jebbit will not be able to verify it.

  3. Navigate to your account "Settings" by clicking on the dropdown carrot located on your brand menu in the top right corner of the platform.

  4. Select "Domain Configuration" on the left-hand side.

  5. In the Custom Domain field, enter your custom domain request following this format: where "quiz" is the subdomain and "" is the root domain.

  6. Click "Request Custom Domain" to submit your request. Within a few minutes, Jebbit will display the two CNAME records that your team will add to your web host server. Configure the records on your end exactly as they are shown in platform

  1. Once the records have been added to your server, Jebbit automatically looks to see if they have been properly configured. This process can take about fives minutes.

  2. If you want to ensure everything is connected properly quicker, you can select "Validate Now" within Jebbit for a faster turnaround time.

  3. Once the custom domain is set up, your Jebbit launch links will render as the custom domain that you've requested, with the Jebbit campaign ID appended on the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once my custom domain has been added, will it impact any of my existing launch links?

A: Adding a custom domain will not impact any currently trafficked campaigns. Only new launch links will render with the new custom domain format. It's totally safe to set up a custom domain even if you already have an experience launched on the standard Jebbit domain. Our guidance is to replace the old launch url or iframe snippet with new ones once your custom domain is ready. All historical data and new data will point to the same reporting dashboard in Jebbit based on the campaign ID within the URL.

Q: What are the benefits of setting up a custom domain?

A: There are 3 primary benefits to leveraging your own custom domain.

  1. You get to white label the Jebbit launch link so it’s fully on brand with your company ( -->

  2. Because you own the domain, you can set first party cookies

  3. You can run Meta (Facebook) campaigns and optimize against events on Jebbit

Q: Do you accept root-level domains?

A: We do not accept root-level domains (ex: You need to add a subdomain of your choice as part of the request ( as an example). We recommend using general subdomain labels like "quiz" "surveys" or "experience" so that your custom domain generally applies to any content that you launch using Jebbit.

Q: I don't see the option to request a Custom Domain.

A: Only Admins are allowed to request Custom Domains within an account. If you do not see the option to request one, you are likely not an Admin. You should contact an Admin on your account for assistance. If you are not sure who the Admin on your account is, you can reach out to the Support team and we will help you get in touch.

There you have it! Hop back into Jebbit and start the process for adding a new custom domain today!

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