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Jebbit pulls in standard product fields from Shopify to display price, product description, images and more. But if you want to display custom details alongside a product recommendation (ex: a shorter description for a product than what is shown onsite), then you'll need to create a metafield in Shopify and pull that metafield into Jebbit. Read on to see how this is done!

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Create your metafields within Shopify. This article from the Shopify Help Center outlines their process.

  2. Once the metafields have been created in Shopify, click on the "Product Feed Display" element on your product recommendation screen in the Jebbit Builder.

  3. Choose "Add Product Feed Fields" from the lefthand menu in the "Labels" section and search for and select the metafields you wish to display to the end user. (You will see the prefix "meta:" before the metafield name.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will added metafields be visible in my product feed?

A: Yes! When exporting your product feed .csv, the metafields you've associated with each product will appear along with your other standard fields.

Q: The descriptions for products on our site are super long. Is there a way to shorten them?

A: Metafields are a perfect tool for showing custom product descriptions in Jebbit versus what is displayed on your site. Metafields allow you to display any custom details in Jebbit, without impacting your website.

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