Product Carousels


There are several ways that products can be displayed on a product match screen. This guide will walk through how to set up a Product Carousel in particular.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Add "Products" or "Product Feed Display" outcome option

  2. Underneath the display options, select "Carousel"

  1. Customize your unique carousel options:

  • Arrows: clickable arrows used to navigate between items within the carousel

    • Circular or minimal

    • Can be colored to work with any background

  • Dot Navigation: dots the display how many products are included in a carousel

    • NOTE: dots shown in the Editor screen may not match the number of dots you see in the in preview

  • Product Peek: shows a preview of the products to the right and left of the currently displayed product

  1. Choose how you want your products to display in the Carousel

Display individual products: shows product from multiple categories in a standard carousel

  • Group into Categories: show your users what Category your product recommendations are from! The product's Category will be displayed in a top bar above the product. Each category's style can be uniquely customized to fit your brand's needs.

    • In the Editor, you can either click the eyeball next to the Category to preview and style the category. Or you can use the arrows in the carousel to scroll through!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Carousel layouts available for both Dynamic Product Feed and Standard Outcomes?

A: Yes, you can display product matches in a Carousel layout whether you are using the Dynamic Product Feed or Standard Outcomes.

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