Capturing a UID with Companion


Lightbox and Companion deployments differ from standard Jebbit deployments because they are launched via JavaScript on your site, whereas standard experiences are launched via a direct URL or a URL embedded in an iframe. For that reason, capturing a UID with a Lightbox or Companion deployment requires a slightly different setup than capturing a UID via URL for standard experiences. This article will walk you through how easy it still is to capture a UID with Lightbox or Companion deployments!

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Place the Global Snippet Code on your site as you normally would. Review instructions for launching Lightbox or Companion as needed prior to this step.

  2. Add an additional line of JavaScript right below the Global Snippet Code on your site. This is the JavaScript that you need to add:

    window.JebbitObject.userId = 'camel-penguin-crocodile-mouse';
  3. Replace 'camel-penguin-crocodile-mouse' with the actual tag that will allow you to dynamically capture a UID for known users. What you place here will be determined by your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I allow users to skip the Lead Form if we have captured their UID?

A: Currently, there is no way to allow users to skip a Lead Form, even if you have a UID captured for their session. This is specific to Lightbox and Companion deployments only as you are able to set your experience up this way when you launch a standard experience.

If you intend to target known and unknown users with your Lightbox or Companion deployment, then you should add a Lead Capture screen to your experience because it will be shown to all traffic. If you intend to only target known users, then a Lead Form won't be necessary as long as you are capturing UIDs.

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