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You can now embed the first screen of your Jebbit experience into an email! This makes it easier for your audience to engage with your Jebbit content via email, and will likely increase the number of engagements you see on your content.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Build and complete your Jebbit experience

  2. On the Launch page, click on the ‘Email’ section and then click ‘Email Embed. Click ‘Generate HTML’ to generate your code.

  3. Copy your code by clicking on the copy icon in the bottom right corner.

  4. Place the HTML into your email platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the user flow work when you embed in email?

A: When you embed a Jebbit experience via email, the customer flow looks like this:

  1. Customer receives email

  2. Customer opens email

  3. Customer engages with the first screen of the embedded Jebbit experience

  4. Customer is brought into a new browser tab and placed on screen two of the Jebbit experience

  5. All analytics are recorded in the Jebbit platform

Q: Why can't I generate the Email Embed HTML in Jebbit?

A: There are some built in limitations of which elements we can properly display in email. Below is a list of Jebbit elements that you cannot include on the first screen of your experience. If your first screen has any of these elements, you will run into an error generating the Email Embed HTML:

  • Form fields / Date

  • SATA (Select All That Apply) / Multiple Choice

  • Container

  • Timer

  • Video

  • Dropdowns

  • Question Matrix

  • File Uploader

  • Spinners

  • Animations/time delays

Supported elements: text, images, buttons, image buttons, background images.

Q: Why isn't my custom font showing?

If you are using a custom font that is also available in your email tool, that font will appear correctly. If you are using a custom font that your email tool does not provide, then we will default to Sans Serif. Note that the name of the font in Jebbit has to exactly match the name of the font in your email tool.

Q: Are there design limitations I should know about?

A: Yes, the following will not display:

  • Color Gradients

  • Image Opacity

  • Horizontal/vertical skews on buttons

We also recommend using the full screen desktop layout, which you can select by clicking 'Desktop' and selecting the below in the Editor. In general, keep your first screen as simple as possible.

Q: Can Jebbit embed with any email provider?
A: Yes! You should be able to embed the first screen of your Jebbit experience via any email provider. Here are steps on how to accomplish this with one of our most popular partners, Klaviyo!

Q: How are Views and Engagements counted?

A: Keep the following in mind when reviewing data for email embed launches:

  • Engagement = when a user clicks on the first screen in your email

  • View = when a user lands on the second screen of the experience in their browser - we cannot count a View until a user has left their email and landed on the Jebbit URL in their browser

  • Engagement Rate = as a result of the above, all engagement rates for Embed in Email will be 100% - this is because a View is counted when a user lands in the Jebbit experience in their browser, and if they are landing on this second screen, it means they have already engaged by responding to the first screen

Q: I keep on receiving an error while trying to generate the Email Embed HTML snippet even though I've simplified my Intro screen as much as possible.

A: The first time that you generate the Email Embed HTML from the launch page, your experience automatically publishes the current draft. So even if you make adjustments to clean up your screen and simplify all of your content so that your experience is ready to embed in email, you will keep on receiving an error in the launch page until your re-publish your quiz again with the simplified Intro screen. After re-publishing, you'll be able to generate the Email Embed code successfully.

Q: How can I preview what my email might look like?

The best way to preview is to create an embed code and paste into your brand's email provider. If you'd like to just see how the HTML renders, you can paste into a free tool bootstrap email, click the purple Render button, and it will preview approximately what it will look like on Desktop and Mobile. If you create a free account, you can also send yourself a copy to your own inbox. Loom example showing this below!

Q: Will embedding via email and launching on-site at the same time skew my Engagement rates?

A: You are clear to do both! By default, Jebbit shows aggregated metrics on the Experience Dashboard. You'll be able to track the individual performance of each of your launch links via Channel Analytics, which allows you to see a breakdown of how each created channel is performing.

Q: Am I able to add UTM parameters and track them via email embed?

A: Yes! You will need to take your newly generated embed code and locate the "href=" string to find the launch link, about midway through your code block. Once you've located this, you can append UTM parameters manually as you normally would. Just ensure the parameters you've added match the syntax you typically use, and you should be all set!

Q: Can I use a launch link split to send non-email users to a standard version of my campaign?

A: Presently this is not possible. However, the Email Embed feature is frequently updated. Check back here for recent changes, or keep an eye on the alerts in the upper righthand corner of the Jebbit platform!

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