Branching, Connecting, & Disconnecting Screens


Rather than making everyone go through the same experience, Jebbit allows you to personalize each user's journey. You can branch experiences based on user responses, sending users to a different screen and further personalizing their experience.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Select the branch (or branches) that you would like to make an adjustment to.

  2. From there, choose what specific action you would like to do from the dropdown menu. You can Split Traffic, Disconnect Branch, or Reconnect to New Screen.

  3. To connect (or reconnect) a screen, click the (+) icon to the right of the screen you want to connect. Then click “Connect to Screen” or "Reconnect to Screen" from the menu that appears. Select the screen you would like to have the branch connected to.

  4. If you'd like to add a screen directly into the flow, you can hover over a screen, click on the three dots that appear in the top, right hand corner, and select Add Screen. This will automatically add a new screen into your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I select multiple branches at once?

A. You can disconnect and reconnect multiple pathways from the same screen at once by holding Shift and clicking on each pathway you want to select.

Q. Can I copy and paste multiple screens at once?

A. You sure can! To copy multiple screens, hover over the left side corner of the screens to select, now click on the "Copy" icon on the top left of the builder map. Once copied, select the + node of the screen from where they will live, select "Paste Screen."

Q. Can I copy an entire branch pathway with screens?

A. Yes! It's as easy as clicking on the branch of the pathway that you want to copy > select "Copy Pathway" in the dropdown dropdown menu > click on the + node and select "Paste Pathway." It will copy all the screens from that branch pathway! Amazing, right!?

Q. Why are there multiple branches coming off of a single screen?

A. Any screen with more than 2 possible responses will have a number of pathways equal to the number of responses connected to the (+) node icon.

Q. I accidentally disconnected a branch and can't find several screens. Where did they go?

A. Jebbit will not delete any screens if you accidentally disconnect a branch, rather, it will Archive them. To add them back into the experience, click Show Archived Screens and simply reconnect it to the experience with a branch.

Q. How can I disconnect all branches from a screen?

A. You can disconnect the connecting responses by clicking on the blue icon along the pathway. This will split each response into a different pathway.

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