Shopping Cart Building Capabilities


For Jebbit experiences that involve product recommendations, it can create a more seamless experience for the user if they are able to add that product to their shopping cart directly from the Jebbit experience.


Each e-commerce platform has different methods to how their Shopping cart can be built programmatically. For “Add to Cart” compatibility with Jebbit, your e-commerce platform will need to support the ability to build a Shopping cart from a URL.


Shopify: This is supported natively in the platform if you have downloaded our Shopify app. Learn more here.

BigCommerce: If you use BigCommerce as your eCommerce platform, you can add products directly to your cart from Jebbit experiences.
Learn more here.

WooCommerce: A user can have a product added to the cart by using the following URL format:[ProductID]

Volusion: A user can be directed to a pre-populated cart page by including the Product Code in the URL:[ProductCode]