File Uploader


The file uploader is a feature that can be added to any Jebbit experience - the tool itself allows your audience to easily upload any file type directly into your experience!

We have seen brands use this feature to collect user-generated content (UGC) such as selfies, photos of receipts, Tik Toks, resumés and more! We often see the UGC collected within these experiences repurposed for other marketing efforts or in conjunction with a sweepstakes.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. In the Editor, click on the 'Add Elements' section then click the 'File Uploader' button to add!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can users upload more than one file at a time?
Yes, the default limit is 10 files.

What is the file size limit on what can be uploaded?

The file max size is 10MB.

Can I change the language of the uploader?
This is currently a custom request that can be handled by our Studio Team.

What types of files are accepted?
Pretty much all main file types are accepted: .csvs, .pngs, .jpgs, .pdfs, and more!

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