Reporting Glossary


You can access all of your experience analytics from the main “Reporting” menu within the Jebbit platform at any time. From this menu, you can click into individual experiences to take a closer look at campaign-specific performance and data.

The number of times a Jebbit experience loads at least 50% of pixels on screen for at least one (1) continuous second.

Users Engaged
The number of times users have continued beyond the first screen in an experience. Screens that split the first screen based on data (A/B tests, device type, URL parameters, etc.) are not counted towards users engaged.

The number of times an experience was completed by a user. Completions are measured in one of two ways:

  1. The user makes it to a lead capture screen. The user does not need to pass the lead capture screen to count as a completion.

  2. When there is no lead capture screen, a completion occurs when a user makes it to the last screen of content.

The number of times users have completed a lead capture form in an experience by entering a declared data point such as email or phone number. Lead capture screens can be added from the screen library or can be manually marked by the experience creator(s).

Opted In
Tracks the percentage of users who checked a box to opt in to future marketing communications. Opt in boxes are not enabled by default, but are useful in GDPR & CCPA compliance.

Website Redirects
The number of times users have been redirected to an external webpage from a Jebbit experience.

The number of unique users for whom you have collected at least one attribute.

Learn more about attributes here.

Profile Depth
The average number of attributes collected per profile.

Profiles with Lead Capture
Total number of profiles that include a lead capture attribute such as email address or phone number.

Attributes Collected
The total number of attributes collected across all users.

Profile with Completions
The number of times a Jebbit experience was completed by a user profile with attributes.

Launch Date
Shows date when an experience was first launched.

Avg. Time of Engagement
Shows how long, on average, users spent engaging with an experience.

Last Active
Shows the last time that an experience was active.