Use Attributes to Track A/B Split Performance


One of the most common ways that Jebbit users test and optimize launched experiences is through the use of an A/B Traffic Split. You can learn more about them here. This article will walk through a step up that you can deploy to optimize and boost the performance of your experience based on what you learn with your A/B Test.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Add the A/B Split to your experience

  1. Map attributes onto the screens immediately connected to the various branches in your A/B traffic split.

  1. Remember to preview and publish your experience! After you’ve gone live, any user who engages with your experience will be assigned either the “No Intro” or “Intro” attribute value, depending on which path on the A/B split they trafficked.

  2. Monitor the results for your A/B split by navigating into the ‘Audience Insights’ tab on the reporting dashboards!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to name Attributes to best understand the data from an A/B Test?

A: The Attribute Values that you map should be descriptive. On the screen coming off of the “No Intro” branch, use “No Intro” as the Attribute Value label for each response. On the Intro screen that is connected to the “Intro” branch, use “Intro” as the Attribute Value label for the button on screen.

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