Audience Insights


A key step in the build and launch process with Jebbit is creating and mapping Attributes onto the most important questions in your quiz, survey, or experience. Mapping Attributes onto key questions will allow you to gain valuable audience insights, integrate Jebbit with third party platforms, and activate your data for retargeting and remarketing efforts, like sending a follow up email.

Step by Step Guide

  1. To get started, you'll need to make sure you first map Attributes onto your experience, and create Segments.

  2. Next, you can navigate to Attributes > Audience Insights within the platform. By default the insights will be available for all Segments.

  1. If you wish to view insights for a specific Segment, you can select it from the Segment dropdown on the top left highlighted in the screenshot above.

  2. You can also filter based on Cohorts. For example, if you wish to know how many of the new leads that you've collected are English speakers, then start by selecting 'Email' from the Cohort Filter

  1. This action will filter the page to show stats for the specific Cohort selected.

  1. You can also find a more complete picture by reviewing the stats for other Attributes within the Cohort

  1. You can also choose to save this filter as a new Segment by clicking “Save this Segment” and subsequently naming the Segment.

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