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The dynamic product feed is a scalable way to pull hundreds or even thousands of products into your Jebbit experience. This article focuses on creating your product feed screen in the builder.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Products from your Dynamic Product Feed will only display if you add a Dynamic Product Feed Container to your screen. You will can find this element clicking on ‘Add Elements’ and ‘Product Feed Display’ within the Screen Editor.

  1. Clicking into the Product Feed Container, will alter the left hand menu so you can customize the Container to your liking. You can customize the Container in the following ways:

    1. The layout you wish to use. The layouts that are supported are Carousel, Stacked and Grid.

    2. The number of products you would like to showcase to the end consumer. You can show up to 24 products

    3. The dynamic elements you will pull from the product feed and display to the end consumer. You can pull any of your custom fields in to show to the end consumer.

    4. Any formatting rules you specify to render the results

    5. Whether to group the results in to specified Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the layouts different across mobile and desktop devices?

A: You may notice that the layouts appear differently across mobile and desktop devices. We did this to ensure the product layouts are optimized based on screen size. The containers are wider on desktop and are able to fit more products horizontally while the mobile view stacks the products to take advantage of scrolling.

Q: Can I customize the font, and order that product details are shown in?

A: Like other Elements within the editor you have full design controls over how the products look. Whether you want to adjust your font style, size, background and button colors or the spacing of the container, the power is in your hands.

You can arrange the order of elements by selecting an element (eg. description) and using the arrow keys to move them up and down. Additionally you can remove the element by clicking the garbage can or selecting or deselecting from the left panel.

Q: Can I show Dynamic Product Feed and Outcome elements on the same screen?

A: You can include outcome elements on the same screen as your product elements if you choose. The outcome information will be displayed based on pointing outcomes while the products we display will be based on the filtering logic from the product feed described above.

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