Automating your Product Feed


The Dynamic Product Feed enables you to make personalized product recommendations directly from your product catalog. You can always manually upload your product feed directly into the Jebbit self-serve interface, which may be a viable option for product catalogs that don't change much or inventory that does not often go out of stock. However, if you products update frequently, Jebbit offers three options if you wish to automate your feed.


  1. Automate to an SFTP

  2. Push data to Jebbit's Dynamic Product Feed API endpoint

  3. Sync products directly with Shopify

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Jebbit manage out of stock and product availability?

A: When it comes to automating your Product Feed, you'll want to know about the 'Availability' field. This is useful for managing your products which are in and out of stock. If a product is not in stock, we will not display it to the end consumer.

If the availability column is added we will accept the following values as rows.

  • Available: Yes, y, t, true, in stock

  • Not Available: no, n, f, false, out of stock, unavailable

If the value is left blank, it is assumed the product is in-stock.

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