Best Practices: Trivia Experiences


Trivia experiences are a great way to have fun with your audience in an engaging and fully branded way. Follow the tips and best practices outlined below for designing Jebbit trivia experiences that consumers will love!

Introduction: First Screen

  • Give a catchy title to capture your audience’s attention!

  • If you’re offering an incentive, make that clear. Keep in mind that being able to test knowledge on a certain topic is usually a compelling incentive on its own

  • Be clear and concise and include only one CTA (call-to-action)

Body: Experience Content

  • Ask questions that are tied to your brand and fun to answer

  • Use overlay responses to incorporate brand messaging when a user gets an answer right or wrong

  • Turn on live polling so users can see how they compare to other quiz takers in real time

  • Add screen transitions to make your quiz more fun!

  • Include a Lead Capture screen before revealing a user’s score (you can always add a button for users to bypass the Lead Capture if you'd like)

Conclusion: Results/Final Screen

  • Set up scoring outcomes to ensure consumers are matched with the right score

  • Add a redirect URL to send users to your site, blog, or wherever else you’d like to drive traffic to

  • Include a ‘Start Over’ button and use a launch link as the redirect URL to make it easy for users to take the quiz multiple times

That’s all there is to it! These tips and best practices should help you launch your first Jebbit trivia experience in no time.

Tip: Select one of the trivia templates from our Template Gallery to start building even faster!

Hop back into the platform and start building a Jebbit trivia experience today!

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