Design Elements


Design Elements are found when you open the Screen Editor. You can add, edit, and remove design elements from all of your screens so that each screen template is totally customized to your liking.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Open up the Screen Editor by clicking into any of your screens from the Builder Map.

  2. From the Screen Editor, click on 'Add Element' from the left hand menu to add new elements to your screen. The design elements are broken out into two sections: basic elements and form elements.

  1. You can edit existing elements on screen by simply clicking on them and then using the left hand menu to modify them. You will notice that the left hand menu changes as you click on different elements.

  2. To move the position of an element, or to remove it altogether, click on the element and then use the controls on the right hand side of the screen that appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make specific edits for mobile screens versus desktop screens?

A: You do have the ability to control the way that an element will appear on mobile versus desktop devices by using the 'Style Independently' toggle. For example, you can make Header text much smaller on mobile than desktop with this tool. While you can change the way that elements appear on mobile versus desktop, any element added to the mobile view will still appear on the desktop view and vice versa.

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