Creating an Interactive Video Experience


What is an interactive video experience? Quite simply, it is an experience that displays a video in the background, while allowing a user to respond to questions over top of it. They are great for driving added engagement, especially when working with influencers!

Video Tutorial

Step by Step

  1. Start by creating an experience and adding 'Interactive Video' screens from the Layout Library where you want them. Commonly, these experiences start with a standard intro screen to set expectations before getting into the questions. You can also add this layout to an existing experience.

  2. Once added, click on the background and upload your video (vertical video, 9:16 work best)

  3. Update your copy and responses

  4. Ensure your elements look good on both mobile and desktop views

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Style-independently enabled?
A. Style-independently is TURNED ON by default. Don't forget to style both mobile and desktop separately to ensure everything looks good. We recommend using the 'mobile on desktop' layout for Desktop.

Q. What are the recommended specs for buttons?
A. We recommend playing around with the size of questions/buttons to ensure it fits well on mobile/desktop. Utilizing the 'spacing' tools will also help ensure everything looks clean.

Q. Can we use the video as a background?
A. Yes, videos can be added to the background of any screen.

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