Hotspots are interactive elements that you can add to your experience to add a level of depth and dimension. Allow users to shop for a product or click to learn more within your experience.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. In the Editor, click on any image within your experience

  2. With your image element selected, you will see an 'Add Hotspot to image' checkbox appear on the left hand menu. Clicking in this will add a Hotspot to your image!

  3. Give your Hotspot a name from the left hand menu. This will be important for reporting later on.

  4. Set your Hotspot to 'Attached' or 'Overlay Modal.'

  5. The "Attached" style provides a blurb of text/information about the object the Hotspot is situated on. You will edit the text within the Attached bubble right from the screen. Attached Hotspots can be clicked on, and they create another pathway off of the screen. Think of this pathway like a button that you can use to drive someone to a webpage, start them down a new path, or do nothing at all! Here is a video on how Hotspot redirects work.

  6. The "Modal" Hotspot style opens up a modal that can be styled to your liking.

  7. You can change the color of the Hotspot dot, you can add a question mark to the dot, or you can opt for the Hotspot dot to pulsate for a visual pop. All of these actions will be done using the left hand menu.

  8. Finally, make sure that you position your Hotspot on both the Mobile and Desktop view of the screen. To do so, toggle back and forth between 'Mobile' and 'Desktop' options on the left hand menu, be sure the Hotspot is placed appropriately, and save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What analytics are available for Hotspot engagements?

A: You can access Analytics for your Hotspots along with other Question Analytics Data in the "Analytics" section within Jebbit. You will be able to see how many times your Hotspot is clicked on (the actual Hotspot dot), and how many times the Attached text or Modal is clicked on too.

Q: What does each line item for a Hotspot represent in the Question Analytics tab?

A: Check out the below example. In this example, there is a Hotspot named "hat" with an "Attached" style, and in this case, the "Attached" portion can be clicked on to take the user to the next Jebbit screen.

Within the Analytics page, you will see a line item called 'hat' (or whatever you name your Hotspot in the Screen Editor). The metric associated with 'hat' demonstrates how many times the Hotspot was clicked on (one time).

The second line displays how many times the Attached text or Modal that appears after the hotspot was opened was clicked on (one time). In the example above, that would be the number of times a user clicks within the clickable "This is a cool hat" portion of the Hotspot.

Q: Why do I see zero clicks for the Attached text or Modal in my Analytics?

A: If your Attached text or Modal does not redirect to another webpage or bring users to the next screen, then there will be zero clicks tracked in the Analytics dashboard.

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