Date of Birth and Age Gating


Within the Builder there is a unique element for Date and another one for Date of Birth. The Date element is a response type and the Date of Birth element can be found under Form Elements. Both element types have very similar design options where you can customize the order of the date fields and how they will visually look to the end user.

With the Date of Birth element you have the option to restrict certain content to users under a certain age limit. You have the option to trigger an error message or direct a user down a different pathway if they are under the age limit you specified. The Jebbit platform will also restrict the user from trying to re-take the date of birth screen if they load the experience again and they will be redirected down the path set up for users under the age limit. Lastly, you have the option to not collect any PII or lead capture information on consumers under the age limit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If you enable Age Gating, can users who fall below the Age Limit still take the experience?
A: You can direct users who fall below Age Limits to a new screen. If you choose to do this, Jebbit will continue to capture responses, but we will obfuscate all information captured on the Lead screen for users under the age limit.

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