Launching with QR Codes


Launching is the final step in your building process. Here we will discuss how to launch with a QR code. QR Codes are a great way to bring your offline customers online at events, via direct mail, on product packaging, or in store. Educate your customers, learn more about them, or share an offer using a Jebbit experience.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Navigate to the launch menu from the builder map.

  1. Select QR Code from the menu on the left.

  1. Click “Create QR Code” or “Add custom QR Code” to give the QR code a unique label.

  1. Create as many as you would like, then download each QR code to launch your experience.

  1. Once you’re done creating all of your QR codes (and other launch urls), you can see them all in a single view on the Summary tab.

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