Screen Timer


Adding a screen timer to your campaign opens a world of possibilities to further engage your users. Here are some fun things to try:

  • Results Loading Screen before your outcome displays

  • Timed trivia questions

  • Auto-progress user through screens

Check out this experience to see a Timer in action!

Step by Step Guide

  1. In the editor, select Add Element and you will see a "Timer" element. Clicking on this will add a Screen Timer to this screen.

  1. You have several animation options

    1. Circle - a countdown circle showing time remaining

    2. Bar - a small horizontal bar that indicates time remaining

    3. None - this will auto-advance a screen without visual indication to the user. This is useful for anything you want to temporarily show the user: transition screens, response UI, educational content, etc.

  2. It wouldn't be a Jebbit experience without full customization options to match your brand style. Choose primary color, secondary color, font, or hide/display text.

  1. Decide what happens when the Timer expires. The timer expiring is treated like a branch off the screen that you can connect like any other branch in the Builder Map. You may decide to create a dedicated "Time's Up!" screen, or just advance them to the next screen in the flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does reporting look like if the user doesn't respond in time?

If a user's timer expires, it will show like this in the reporting. A timer expiration counts towards engagement and as a response.

How does it effect what outcome logic looks like if the user don't respond to a question?

The same way you can assign logic to a question response, you can also apply logic to a timer expiration.

Can I use overlay responses with this?

Yes! This is useful to show a "Time's Up!" message. You can set your overlay response the same way as you would for a response.

Can I request new features?

We'd love to hear them! Please send them through our idea portal. 😊

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