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Embedded iframes can sometimes provide a less than ideal user experience, so we are seeking to solve this by letting you turn on an "iframe resizer". This will add a small piece of javascript to your embed code to enable the resizer. If your experience is already embedded, you will need to update your embed code for this to work!

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to your Launch page, Website channels, and select the Embed on Site tab.

    2. Once you click on "Create Embed Code" > There is a "Use iframe resizer" toggle on the right side. Select this to enable. Your embed code is now updated, and ready to be copied and pasted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the iframe resizer do?

A: The iframe resizer adds a small javascript snippet to your embed code that allows your iframe to be dynamically sized when embedded on your website. This snippet receives the current screen's height and updates the iframe height to match.

Q: What is the intended user experience when moving between a longer screen to a shorter screen?

A: In the experience, if the user is moving from a longer screen to a shorter screen, we will scroll them to the top to keep the next screen's contents in view.

Q: If I toggle on the iframe resizer in Jebbit, do I need to replace the old snippet on my site?
A: Toggling on the iframe resizer just adds an extra piece of javascript to the embed code in platform. You will need to re-copy and re-paste the new snippet on your website to ensure that the iframe resizer code is implemented properly onsite.

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