Datorama Connector


Datorama gives users the ability to unify all their marketing and advertising data. Analytics from your Jebbit campaigns add an extra layer to that data. After users click on an advertisement, you will be able to see insights on how they engage with your experience.

Jebbit sends the following metrics through the Datorama Connector:

  • Views

  • Total time spent

  • Number of engagements

  • Number of completions

  • Number of leads captured

  • Number of opt-ins


  • A Datorama account through Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • A Jebbit Enterprise Account

  • A Jebbit experience that is ready to launch


To attach Jebbit data to an ad campaign running in another platform, you must first configure the Jebbit experience on the ad platform and on Jebbit. In this article, we will use Facebook Ads as an example. It is also possible to set up the Datorama Connector in other ad platforms, ESPs, etc.

To configure, we must first add the advertisement's campaign ID to the Jebbit experience launch link.

I: Collect the advertising campaign ID

Navigate to your Facebook advertising dashboard. Select the campaign you would like to connect to the Jebbit experience, or create a new campaign. This will take you to the detail page of the ad campaign.

Find the Campaign ID. In the case of Facebook Ads, this can be found by clicking on the "More Options" icon (...) next to the campaign. The Campaign ID will be the last item on this menu. Click "Copy" to copy the ID to your clipboard.

II: Create a Jebbit Launch Link

In Jebbit, go the the Workbench and find the experience that you want to attach to the advertisement. Click on it to navigate to the Builder Map.

Once you are on the Builder Map, click on "Launch" in the toolbar. This will take you to the Launch Link page.

Find the channel you plan to launch on. In our example, this is Facebook. Click on the "Add another launch link" button and paste the Campaign ID you copied in Part I.

Click "Save" to create a new launch link. Then click the clipboard icon next to the URL to copy the link.

III: Deploying the Campaign

Now that the Jebbit experience launch link is set up, we can finish deploying the ad. Attache the launch link created in Part II to the ad campaign. Set your spend, audience, and any other details. Then set the advertisement live.

IV: Pulling Data into Datorama

Once the advertisement and the Jebbit experience are live, the data will be pulled into Datorama via the Jebbit Datorama Connector and the connector for your advertising platform.

Create two data streams: One with the Jebbit Datorama Connector and one for the advertising platform. In each case, you will need to log in with the credentials for that service to ensure the correct profile is chosen. After creating the data stream, data will be imported to Datorama regularly.

V: Analyze

The final step in the process is to analyze the data. Since we've already connected the advertising campaign with the Jebbit experience via the Jebbit Platform, connecting the two in Datorama is a piece of cake. The Campaign Key dimension is the common piece of information that ties it all together.

Create a Pivot Table in Datorama and choose the Campaign Key as the main dimension. Then, pick any measurements you would like to see. In our case, we are looking at the cost, number of impressions, the number of views of the Jebbit experience, and the total time spent on the Jebbit experience.