Landscape of HTML and CSS in Jebbit


Video Explanation (~1 minute)


Some text elements in the builder allow you to access and edit their relative HTML. If you select an element and click the “</>” icon you'll be given an editor window:

[video-to-gif output image]


You can add CSS either locally or globally within a Jebbit experience.

To add local CSS, navigate into a particular screen's editor and select “Show custom css".

Checking this box will open an editor where you can target elements and customize them using CSS or SASS.

To set a custom class

If you select an element in the Editor, a "Class Name" text input will show that will allow you to set a custom class. This is the most reliable way to target an element.

To access global CSS, click the design button in the top right of the builder map and toggle "Show custom css". CSS placed here will apply to all the screens in an experience.