Attributes 101


Attributes are the value pairs that you map to the questions and responses in your experiences that are most important to your data strategy and retargeting plans. Attributes allow you to build customer profiles, create audience segments, and pass data from Jebbit to other systems.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step

  1. Select the "Attributes" option from the toolbar in the upper right corner of the builder map. This will open up a modal to allow you to map attributes across all of your screens.

  1. Click on "Add new attribute" for each screen that you plan to add attributes to. This will allow you to start typing out your attribute label.

  1. Type out your attribute label. As you type, you'll notice text appear below your cursor. Click on this text to map the attribute to your screen.

  1. After mapping your attribute to the screen, you'll see the option to add attribute labels to each response. Click into each option and begin typing out your attribute value labels. As you type, you will see the option to create your attribute label.

  1. Form attribute mapping is slightly different. Instead of mapping an attribute to the screen, you will map the attribute to the form input directly. You don't need to map attribute values onto forms because the user's input will be the attribute value.

  1. To remove an Attribute from a campaign, click on the blue 'X' to the left of the Attribute. To delete an Attribute from your account, you will need to hop into the main Attributes menu from the top navigation bar in the platform. You can only delete Attributes from your account that have no associated data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I edit attribute labels later on?

A: Yes, you can edit attributes after creating them! You can even delete an attribute unless the attribute has collected data.

Q: If I map attributes to a launched experience, will the attributes backfill to sessions already captured?

A: If you have mapped attributes to an experience that has already launched then you first need to make sure you have published! Then, the attribute should backfill onto previous sessions, but it can take a little bit of time for the script to run. If you check back a day later and you do not see that the attributes have backfilled for you, reach out to our team!

Q: Can attributes be copied across brands?

A: You can copy attributes to another brand using the copy icon. Then you select a brand and which attributes you want to copy. Copying attributes only copies the attribute labels over. No data is copied over with the attributes.

There you have it! Now that you know how to map attributes onto your experiences, hop back into Jebbit and make sure you map attributes to all of your experiences!

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