Testing Your Klaviyo Integration


After you set up your Klaviyo integration, you will want to map attributes to your experiences so you can test and ensure the integration is set up to your liking, and that Attributes are appearing in Klaviyo as Custom Properties and Events as well! If you need help activating your integration read here! If you’ve already set up your integration, continue reading to learn how to test.

Video Tutorial

Check out this video from our Integrations lead to walk through our Klaviyo integration from start to finish:

Step by Step Guide

  1. To test a campaign, you will need to load a launch link into your browser and go through the Jebbit experience a few times with your attributes mapped. Be sure you submit an email during your session.

  2. Then log into your Klaviyo account to look for the Custom Properties and Events under your profile.

  3. You can disable and re-enable the integration at any time if you don't wish to keep passing data into Klaviyo. If you disable the integration and re-enable it, we will backfill all the missed data automatically!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just ran a test on a launch URL — why don’t I see the email I submitted on my test in my Klaviyo List ID yet?

A: There are a couple of reasons why you may not see your test submission right away. Most likely, the issue is related to how your List settings are configured in Klaviyo, and whether there is a completion screen or point marked in your quiz yet.

  1. Check your List settings first. If a List in Klaviyo is set as a double opt-in, then users who take the quiz in Jebbit will be sent a follow up email from Klaviyo, asking them if they would like to be subscribed to the list in Klaviyo. This is a common reason why a test wouldn’t show up, as lists in Klaviyo are set to double opt-in by default. To get around this, set the list to single opt-in instead!

  2. If that isn’t the issue, double check if you are completing your quiz in your test sessions or not. If a user does not reach the completion point in the quiz within a single session, you will not see their information pass to Klaviyo for about fifteen minutes. The integration works this way to ensure that Jebbit does not send user sessions before they are ready. If you have not yet published your quiz before testing, you will need to do that to make sure there is a completion point set in your quiz. You can also mark completion points manually before publishing.

Q: I am retargeting known subscribers and sending them a Jebbit experience via email to enrich their profiles in Klaviyo with attributes from Jebbit. I have followed this guide and configured the launch URL to capture a UID parameter dynamically so that I don’t have to use a lead capture screen in this experience. Several users have taken the quiz. Why don’t I see attributes from the quiz populating as custom properties on their Klaviyo profiles?

A: There may be a couple of different things happening here.

  1. First, you’ll want to notify your Success Rep or reach out to our Support team to make sure your Klaviyo integration supports capturing emails via the UID parameter in your launch URL. This is not enabled by default.

  2. Once you are certain that your integration is set up to support this, make sure that all of your attributes are mapped and that your experience has been published!

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