How does Jebbit impact page speed and performance on my website?


We take all the necessary steps to ensure the fast deliverability of our service on your sites with as little impact as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does Jebbit affect page load?

Answer: If launching using an iFrame, the iframe typically loads after the main page has loaded. All elements in the experience are hosted by Jebbit where we implement caching and serve using a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

If launching using Companion or Lightbox, you will be using our Global Site Snippet. There are a few things we do to ensure your experience loads with as little impact as possible:

  • The script is loaded asynchronously.

    • The Jebbit script does not stop your site from loading its assets because the script is loaded asynchronously.

  • We use a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to serve the Jebbit script.

    • Using a CDN allows the Jebbit script to be loaded faster by your users while offering much better availability

  • The script makes proper use of browser caching.

    • Although the script loads asynchronously, it is still important to load and run the script as fast which we do through browser caching.

Question: Will Jebbit slow my site down?

Answer: Jebbit loads asynchronously so it doesn't prevent other elements on the page from loading.

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